We want you to know what to expect when you visit a Smile Store location. Every one of our locations functions in the same way, to ensure you have the most consistent and enjoyable experience, no matter which office you visit. Here, at The Smile Store, our goal is to increase the self-esteem and confidence of our patients, and with our financing options, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a brand-new smile. Free and thorough consultations enable us to fully understand the needs of each unique patient.

By listening to your concerns and preferences, we make sure your vision of how your new smile will look is made a reality. Your Smile Store Clinician will help you design your new smile, select teeth shapes, and sizes, and shades that help your smile look natural and fit perfectly. Typically, our patients have their new smile in as little as 2-4 Appointments. Your Clinician has your best interest in mind, and will recommend a track of appointments based on your specific needs. You will be taken care of by our staff the whole way through. Our staff will set you up for your free consultation, your appointments, and your post op check-ups, if applicable. If you would like more information on what to expect during your visit, please click the READ MORE button below.