In the Beginning

Creating new smiles is not new to us. It began more than five decades ago when Dr. Ron Cunning, an innovator in implant dentistry, opened his Montclair, California dental practice. From a single dental chair, he grew into a multi-office operation, staffed with exceptional dentists and technicians who deliver advanced clinical procedures and prostheses. Today, the combined experience of the professionals at Cunning Dental Group and our Smile Stores is more than 400 years, and they have spread new smiles across thousands of faces.

The magic of Dr. Cunning’s success has always been that he and his team put his patients first, and see each unique case as an opportunity to achieve dental excellence, and to create a positive, life changing experience for each and every patient.

Today . . . The Smile Store

Today, Dr. Cunning’s patient and clinical philosophy are at the heart and foundation of all our Smile Store practices. Our licensed clinicians are caring, patient-focused professionals, with advanced training and technologies to create custom dentures that fit and function just as natural teeth do.

These are not your grandparent’s dentures. Denture technology and materials have advanced dramatically in recent years, and our expert clinicians design each case to achieve a comfortable, natural fit. The very latest Smile Store laboratory processes ensure that we create the highest quality, affordable lifetime dentures which provide a lifetime of smiles and dental functions.

The Smile Store is About You

Yes, we do have excellent technical and clinical expertise. However, our practice is not about us. It is about you. Smile Store clinicians, staff, and technicians are all committed to doing one thing – giving you a beautiful, new, affordable smile that will make you look and feel good.

After all, that’s what it’s really all about – having the best possible experience, while achieving the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.