Your Experience Matters To Us

Experience Our Clinicians
The Smile Store provides a network of Clinicians with over 200 years of combined experience. Your Smile Store Clinicians utilize the safest and most effective methods, and we are continuously improving these processes as new technology is introduced.

Experience The Perfect Result — Every Time

Free and thorough consultations enable us to fully understand the needs of each unique patient. We make sure your vision and expectations are met. We invite you to review our testimonials to see what our patients have shared about their experience with us.

Experience Integrity
At The Smile Store, it is our mission to enhance the natural features that each of our patients inherently hold. Our goal is to increase the self-esteem and confidence of all our patients, and with a variety of financing options, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a brand new smile. We feel strongly that everyone deserves to feel happy and comfortable with their smile, and our goal is to make this possible for anyone who visits our stores. This is why we provide such affordable options and state-of-the-art quality for every patient we treat.

Why Choose The Dental Prosthetics Experience?

As we age, dental complications tend to sneak up on us. To combat the effects from aging, genetics, and other factors, people often visit a dentist regularly and are able to closely monitor their dental health. Yet, even with a healthy dental lifestyle, some people are still left with results that are less than satisfactory. The Smile Store creates custom dental prosthetics which are less invasive and more affordable than dental implants. Our office offers a quick way to transform your smile into the smile you have always dreamed of.

In recent years, the cosmetic dental industry, and most notably procedures such as a “Full Mouth Reconstruction”, have seen a large boom in popularity. Advances in medical technology and techniques now allows for safer, more accurate procedures, with top quality esthetics. The Smile Store goes beyond industry standards by implementing a unique and proprietary process which facilitates the highest quality esthetics and fit for you, and every patient we see.

What You Can Expect To Experience

The Smile Store wants you to have an amazing experience with us – every time. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect to experience when visiting a Smile Store location:

Your Free Consultation

When you arrive to The Smile Store, you will be greeted by our warm and friendly Smile Store staff. They will assist you in filling out your forms and attaching them to your chart. Once your introduction is complete with the front desk staff, you will then meet your Clinician, who will likely take photos of you for reference and planning purposes. Your Clinician will discuss options and listen to concerns you may have.

Your Clinician will determine if you will be a “Direct Patient”, which means The Smile Store can treat you right away; or the Clinician may determine that you are a “Returning Patient”, which means you may need to see your dentist prior to The Smile Store completing your treatment.

Your Appointments

Your Smile Store Clinician will create a treatment plan with you and take some impressions of your current smile. Your Clinician will then assist you in selecting your esthetic preferences such as tooth shade, shape and size, and the overall design of your new smile. We always recommend bringing a relative or friend with you, so you can get a second opinion from someone you know and trust.

Typically, our patients can have their new smile in as little as 2-4 Appointments. You can rest assured your Clinician has your best interest in mind, and will recommend a track of appointments based on your specific needs.

Your Post-Op
You will receive care instructions on the insertion day of your appointment, and your Clinician will take the time to answer any questions you may have. Many of our patients have gone years without functional freedom, and it is important to us that our patients get that freedom back. We want your smile to feel as fantastic as it looks! We may ask you to return to The Smile Store so that we can check your final smile and ensure you are happy and comfortable, now that you have had the opportunity to eat, talk, and use your new teeth. Prior to your post op appointment, you will receive complimentary and discreet storage for your product.